GS1 Standards

GS1 Standardization

Intelligent serialization allows manufacturers to create numerous applications to identify and protect their products. With SecIdent®, BRAINORITY Software GmbH offers a coding system for end-to-end verification over the Internet. It can be fully integrated into the supply chain, the SecIdent® software enables targeted interaction with customers, delivers valuable market data and is fully compatible with international GS1 standardization requirements. The GS1 system is one of the most important systems of supply chain standards worldwide and is provided by the leading organization GS1. The aim of GS1 is to optimize processes at all stages along the value chain GS1.

GS1 data matrix code

A two-dimensional matrix barcode in which a lot of information can be encrypted in a very small space. A wide variety of information is encrypted in a secure way to make products counterfeit-proof. The GS1-Datamatrix is mainly used in the healthcare and automotive sectors. In the pharmaceutical industry, the GS1 matrix is the appropriate solution for labelling pharmaceuticals.

The GS1 Digital Link has been established as the new standard for product identification. This means that the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) will now be integrated into a web address in the future - thus interactively and extended. All previously used information, such as item and manufacturer information with a wide range of functionalities, will still be valid and will be bundled in one element. With the embedding in a web-based link, all manufacturer information is now available and can be accessed online at any time by every participant in the logistics chain and the end customer. You can find out more about the GS1 Digital Link on the detailed website.