Counterfeit-proof serial codes as the basis for a successful track and trace system

Track and Trace

Digitization and data-driven networking are becoming increasingly important in the context of Industry 4.0. By means of track and trace, individual production and logistics processes are vertically linked via data-based product monitoring.

A special feature of Track and Trace is the assignment and monitoring at item level. For this, the individual products must have a unique characteristic and thus be clearly identifiable. With the help of forgery-proof serialization, each product is assigned a unique serial number, the serial code. From a data point of view, it is precisely this serial code that can serve as the basis for setting up a track and trace system.

In addition, the tests already provide detailed information:

  • where the products are scanned
  • how often the codes of a particular batch are verified
  • whether the guidelines are adhered to in the distribution chain

Heterogeneous sales structures pose a particular challenge for the use of track and trace systems. In order to ensure the holistic recording of products via their identifying feature, it is necessary to check the serial code at every possible station in the logistics process. Every participant and partner in the supply chain is responsible for this. For this reason, the establishment of a track and trace system in connection with serialization is only recommended if a largely uniform and homogeneous logistics structure can be guaranteed.

Besides the possibility to use the serial code as an identifying feature in a track and trace system, the customer can check the product for authencticity with a simple scan. From now on, the originality of the product is transparent for the customer and equally represents the importance of high quality.