Ensure and protect the authenticity of the product

Quality and Sustainability

Protect the quality and sustainability of brands and products from plagiarism with unique counterfeit-proof serial codes and ensure authenticity to an original product through serialization

High-quality brand products are characterized by their quality and individuality. It is important for the brand owner to protect these characteristics in order to be able to assert his market leadership and pioneering position in the long term and remain individual. In this context, the special claim of brand owners to the originality of their products must be emphasized, which is due, for example, to special technical properties.

After a successful establishment of a new product on the market, other companies implement it in a similar way, which leads to increased competition and sales losses for the brand owner. It becomes increasingly difficult for the brand owner to document and maintain that his original idea is the "original" in the figurative sense.

To this end, unique and forgery-proof serial codes, for example in the form of a QR code, can be applied to the product and verified by customers with a simple scan. The customer's own quality claim that the original idea or concept is the original is underpinned and, through the application of the code, becomes comprehensible and tangible for the buyer. In this way, the special and high quality, which is why a higher price is demanded, becomes perceptible.

At the same time, the serial code offers additional advantages: with the possibility of designing variable response pages, the serial code can be used as a marketing instrument. Because the serial code is unique and can be assigned to a single product, it can be used to display suitable cross-selling products or helpful product manuals, for example. These factors improve customer loyalty and thus ensure long-term success in the market.