Further Applications

The SecIdent®-system offers a software solution that is based on an amazingly simple principle and at the same time offers maximum protection against counterfeiting. Unique and cryptographically generated codes are applied to the product or product packaging. The codes are checked for authenticity with a scanner, reader or smartphone. This principle is perfectly suited for the implementation of lotteries, Lost-and-Found functions and ticketing.


The instrument of the recall action can also be used for marketing activities, e. g. through an originally designed competition. With the unique identification of the serial code, individual prizes are determined. The customer automatically receives information about a potential win via the corresponding response after the check. At the same time, the manufacturer receives important information and can improve service quality and customer relations. The potential profit as an incentive for the customer allows a higher scan rate and thus a greater potential for detecting counterfeits.

Lost and found

Each product receives a unique identification with a serial code, in order to use it for Lost-and-Found functions. This offers the possibility of finding lost or stolen products from batches again.


In ticketing, the 16-digit alphanumeric codes are printed as 2D barcode (QR code or data matrix), in the form of an RFID tag or in plain text. The codes are checked, for example, by scanners and readers directly on site. But also stationary readers or mobile hand scanners can communicate with the system, so that the application remains flexible. In connection with tickets, various audit groups can be used sensibly. Therefore the reuse of tickets is no longer possible.