Data Logistics

In view of increasing digitization and Industry 4.0 in the overall business environment, data processing is becoming increasingly important. Processes are mapped digitally in their entirety and, in particular, across companies. This requires data exchange via different communication channels and heterogeneous infrastructures therefore need flexible interface technology.

In connection with serialization, data logistics also plays an important role because a transparent and above all secure data exchange between company partners must be ensured. In this specific case, the transmission of serialization data between brand owner and producer must be bi-directional so that a consistent and cross-company data state can be established. Messaging systems for electronic message transmission and especially Application programming interfaces are used for direct and immediate data exchange.

In principle, data logistics can be mapped on different levels: internal corporate communication, comprehensive communication between corporate partners and, especially for the pharmaceutical sector, the connection to the EMVS.

Implementation in connection with serialization

Internal corporate communication

A possible API function for internal communication is the connection to an existing ERP system. This integration enables a simple process flow. When a production order is created in the ERP system, the required data is also automatically created in the serialization system. There is a certain information cycle over the entire process - the serialization system provides the print data for the production system and after a completed batch, the confirmation data is reported back to the serialization system for evaluation purposes. The information about valid and invalid serial codes (as well as the cause) is transmitted automatically. Consistent data records are thus ensured. Further information on linking of SecIdent and ERP systems can be found here.

Cross-company communication

Efficient data logistics plays an extremely important role, especially for the interaction between company partners. A secure exchange of data must be guaranteed without information being manipulated or intercepted in any way. SecIdent Messaging systems for electronic message transmission and especially Application programming interfaces are used for this purpose. The direct connection to business partners ensures the most consistent state of data possible throughout the entire logistics chain. Thanks to various exchange formats (such as XML, CSV or Json) and protocols (such as http, https, fdps or sftp), it can also be used for very different systems. The high flexibility is therefore a significant strength of the serialization system SecIdent.

EMVS connection

There are separate rules for serialization and registration of drugs within the pharmaceutical industry. Each batch produced and checked must be registered by the European Medicines Verification System (EMVS). Thanks to the intelligent upload of serial data via BrainGate, the SecIdent interface to the European Hub, verification is carried out automatically and easily in the national system.

Interaction with partners is also very important in the context of the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical manufacturers (MAHs) and contract manufacturers (CMOs) can, as described above, access serial data jointly via appropriate interfaces. The communication via different interfaces enables the effective collaboration of different production and distribution companies.

Thanks to the many connection options, data handling, traceability and communication with the various systems at SecIdent are particularly efficient.