Effectively and digitally protect consumer and complementary products from product counterfeiting.

Consumables or complementary products are naturally exposed to a high risk of counterfeiting due to the continuous demand. It is precisely these products that make a significant contribution to profits. It is obvious that manufacturers have to reckon with considerable losses and in the worst case with alleged liability claims. In this context, an innovative approach against counterfeit products therefore leads to a considerable competitive advantage.

The innovative solution against counterfeit products

The use of secure and unique serial codes makes it possible to protect consumer and complementary products. Each product or packaging is provided with a unique code, which serves as the basis for the process. This code is generated by cryptographic encryption and offers a high level of protection against forgery. In the end-to-end procedure, the customer checks the code easily and quickly via a smartphone and receives a direct response to his check. The wide range of possible applications also distinguishes serialization with further advantages. The use as a marketing instrument emphasizes for example the quality and authenticity of the product. Through customer-specific adaptations it is possible to establish direct customer communication and to react quickly to customer requests.