Safety for people and environment through serialization

Agriculture and Chemistry

Counterfeits in the agricultural and chemical industries can pose a major security risk to people and the environment. It is precisely in these two industries that consumers must be able to rely on quality. In the case of pesticides and fertilizers, counterfeits are usually detected late due to the delayed growth. Plants and the environment can then already be irreparably damaged. The originality of the products must therefore be ensured in advance. Especially in the chemical industry, it is difficult to check the originality of liquids. By the organized criminality enormous economic damage results for manufacturers and beyond that alleged liability claims.

The innovative solution for more security

With the counterfeit-proof serialization by SecIdent unique serial codes are generated and applied to the product or product packaging via different methods. They form the basis in the fight against counterfeiting. The customer can perform verification via the Internet and immediately obtain certainty of authenticity. Via the response page, the manufacturer has the additional option of displaying useful information, such as instructions or cross-selling products. These added values, the security of authenticity and the manufacturer's own quality standards strengthen customer confidence and thus also customer loyalty.

With each test, the manufacturer also gains important information about the test location, the test date and the product. From this information, future market demands can be derived. Even a claim for liability that was actually caused by a counterfeit can be fended off, because only the manufacturer is able to generate valid serial codes.