Falsified Medicines Directive

With the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) of 2011, the European Parliament laid the foundation for combating the growing counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products.

Identify unique products at first sight

With solutions for product serialization, you give each and every one of your products a touch of custom manufacturing. Your customers will know how to appreciate it and will repay you with brand loyalty.

Brand protection with added value

Effective protection is based on a forgery-proof feature with which the consumer or authorities can easily and beyond doubt identify a product as genuine.

The intelligent code from SecIdent guarantees the originality of your products. Whether it is pharmaceuticals, luxury items or machinery and automotive parts: once given our encrypted encoding, an amazing added value for your products and brand unfolds:

Meet legal requirements for product labeling, keep an overview of your sales markets and obtain important data for production and marketing: with SecIdent, you have in hand a comprehensive solution for protecting your innovations. We would be pleased to demonstrate the multitude of possibilities to you.


SecIdent is more than a mere serialization solution. The open and modular structure of the software also makes it a marketing tool, tracking solution and analysis tool. Learn more in the detailed service description.


Designed to have the flexibility to match the wide-ranging needs of our customers, SecIdent is specifically designed to meet your needs as well. That is why we offer SecIdent in three different configurations, which can be supplemented by individual modules, such as a SAP interface.

Demo codes

Would you like to try out the SecIdent system for yourself? We would be pleased to give you a demo code to let you evaluate the handling and verification for your own operational purposes.