The full range of functions for individualization of design and behavior

SecIdent Professional

SecIdent generates unique and counterfeit-proof serial codes that can be applied to the product or product packaging in various ways. Embedding the serial code in a 2D barcode or an RFID chip allows for verification with a standard smartphone. In addition to the features of SecIdent Basic, the Professional edition allows you to customize the design and behavior of the response pages. Statistical functions and geo-localization are also available.

SecIdent Professional

How is SecIdent implemented?

The system is available as Software-as-a-Service (Saas). This avoids software installation, administration or data backup. A browser and an internet connection is all that is needed to use SecIdent instantly.

What are the benefits of SecIdent Basic?

As with the Basic Edition, SecIdent is completely preconfigured in the Professional Edition, so that the system is ready for immediate use. The response pages that are then displayed are already created in all major languages. This makes international use possible.

The SecIdent Professional version, however, is characterized by a free design option for the response pages; thus, the integration of Corporate Identity (CI) elements or the embedding of the own website is possible. In addition, the browser settings of the end customer control the display language on the response page and thus support worldwide use.

Number ranges for products or batches can be provided with any attributes and so information on production, batch data or target markets can be linked to the serial codes. These attribute values can be integrated into the response pages and thus further individualized. Rules and event controls define among other things an alarm function. Notifications are determined via the attributes and an alarm is triggered in case of conspicuous activities. Thus, it is immediately recognized if a product is scanned outside the intended target market. Grey market activities can therefore be detected quickly and efficiently.

This function is particularly effective in Marketing, so that suitable additional products or information can be displayed. The focus is on increasing customer benefit and customer loyalty and equally valuable information for production planning can be derived from this. Further information can be generated by dividing users into groups. Subdivision into different test groups then leads to different response pages, independent results and static statistics for the manufacturer.

The right solution for different business needs

The features and versions of SecIdent are based on individual industry requirements. An upgrade is possible at any time without losing any data that has been created up to that point. The Professional and Professional Plus versions extend the range of functions.

System Properties and FunctionsBasicProfessionalProfessional PlusPharma CodingInteractInteract Plus
Fail-safe operation through high-availability webservice
Multi-language management system
High security code generation for individual serialization
Code application on the product or packaging (e.g. via laser engraving, RFID, DataMatrix, QR-Code, ff.))
Clear authentication process (authentication)
Multilevel authorization concept for the administration
Performance of contractual and lawful obligations via serialization (compliance)
Support via ITS ticket-system
Alert Function by sets of rules and incidence control
Audit group dependent response page (differentiated authentication)
Create additional external attributes for batches
Export statistics to relevant production data (market intelligence) by XML/XSD
Usage of all functions for customer loyalty with variable response pages (e.g. for product recall, lottery)
Grey market detection
Schnittstellen und Plus ModuleBasicProfessionalProfessional PlusPharma CodingInteractInteract Plus
Interface German Hub securPharm
Interface to EMVS (European Hub)
Interface to your ERP-System
Direct supply chain integration via API

● = Feature / function included in the license
○ = Feature configurable / available as Plus module