Globally available and understandable in any language


Multiple languages allow flexibility in the global market.

The concept of multilingualism is viewed from two sides at SecIdent:

On the one hand, the user interface of the systems itself is configurable in all supported languages and of course users can individually define the respective language settings in their account. This ensures that international teams can work together on the same system without language barriers.

On the other hand, because verification within the supply chain or at the end customer's site is possible worldwide, the language of the response page is automatically determined by the system from the individual browser settings. This means that each user receives feedback in the correct language when the code is verified. The response pages are offered in 9 languages in the Basic edition and can also be dynamically adapted and extended as required in the Professional and Professional Plus editions.

Whether at customs in the port of Rotterdam, at the warehouse in Hong Kong or at the customer's site in the USA: the verification of the product always remains clear and is displayed in the correct language.