Quality and authenticity as brand message

Serialization as a Marketing Tool

Setting innovative trends with new marketing activities

The constantly growing variety of products and intense competition is demanding more than ever that manufacturers of products assert themselves on the market. Various marketing strategies can be used to achieve this goal. First and foremost, manufacturers of high-quality products focus on their brand image and the buying experience. Since online trade in particular is becoming increasingly important, the buying experience is becoming less important. As a result, counterfeit products are much easier to circulate and this sales channel is a particular challenge.

Added to this is the high counterfeiting potential of high-quality products. The low prices of counterfeits lead to price instability and large losses in sales of original products on the one hand and image losses on the other.

Using serialization as an effective marketing tool

Unique and tamper-proof serialization provides an innovative solution to ensure product authenticity while enabling the creation of a new marketing channel. With the help of serialization by the manufacturer, his customer can check the product for authenticity via the Internet. Thus the awareness of the customer for the authenticity of a product comes to the fore and more customers ask for the original product. This results in an image enhancement of the brand and better price stability within the competition.

Through the variable response pages, content can be quickly and strategically displayed on the verification page, thus creating new marketing channels and strengthening customer relations. With the unique serial codes, the products can be clearly identified and enable the implementation of an even more intelligent display, for example, suitable cross-selling products can be specifically placed. At the same time, the customer combines authenticity checks with a product experience and the manufacturer can obtain helpful data on his purchasing behavior and use this to derive future demand.

An essential factor here is the brand image, which is communicated through individual serialization. Thus you are a company that attaches great importance to quality and authenticity of the products!