Strategic market positioning through serialization

Market Intelligence

Recognize market trends through serialization and derive appropriate measures

Seasonal products represent a special challenge for brand owners in many respects. Production quantities have to be determined in advance and an exact forecast of the quantities is often difficult to predict. On what basis should the quantities of the individual production cycles and products be determined? Which products are particularly well received by customers and which are less well received?

Since sales are usually handled by dealers, brand owners can only determine this information through the purchasing behavior of the dealers, not through the actual purchasing behavior of the end customers. This sometimes leads to incorrect sales estimates and, at the end of a season, to sharp price reductions and sales. By monitoring sales directly at the end customer, the production quantities of the various products can be adjusted in real time. The product quantities and variants adapted to the sales market thus ensure price stability and thus higher sales. As a result, the brand image is enhanced on the one hand and better customer relations is built up on the other.

The innovative solution for demand-oriented production planning

In order to be able to carry out sales monitoring of the individual products, the products must be clearly identifiable. This task is performed by a unique and forgery-proof serialization by the manufacturer. This serialization primarily ensures the authenticity of the products. The customer can scan the serial code applied to the product and receives a quick and easy feedback via the Internet. At the same time, the brand owner receives valuable information about which products have been checked in which market. Afterwards, it also becomes clear which products are well or less well accepted by customers. This information offers decisive advantages and security for the manufacturer in optimizing production planning.

With serialization through SecIdent, customer and market demands can be better understood and the optimized product portfolio can increase sales.