Customer Relations

Due to the constantly growing online trade, personal contact when buying a product is becoming increasingly less important. Consequently, neither personal consultation nor an exchange of experiences can take place during the purchase. The buying experience thus loses its importance, which is especially problematic with high-quality products. This development has an influence on the personal attitude of customers towards the brand, because the lack of brand loyalty also means that different brands are chosen for the next purchase. Customer satisfaction must be constantly maintained in order to keep the product competitive.

Customer loyalty through authenticity and security

With counterfeit-proof serialization, each product gets a uniquely identifiable serial number and thus becomes a unique item. In this way, product serialization offers individual opportunities to regain customer loyalty and create trust. One factor here is the brand image that is communicated through individual serialization: This makes the manufacturer a company that places great value on quality and authenticity and its products!

At the same time, one faces the great challenge of product counterfeiting and can counteract it. Especially via online trade it is easier than ever to put counterfeit products into circulation. Against this background, it is essential for the manufacturer to protect the authenticity of the products. The response page, which is displayed to the customer via the Internet during the authentication process, enables direct communication and a targeted customer approach. Thus, on the one hand, the customer can be offered additional benefits, such as cross-selling offers, lost-and-found functions, competitions or guarantees, and on the other hand, the manufacturer receives further information about his customers and their wishes. In addition, a product registration or customer loyalty program can be carried out and thus open new marketing channels. All these functions have the goal to offer added value to the customer, to create trust and thus strengthen brand loyalty and identification.

Individual product serialization as a measure for product and brand protection is the topic in future-oriented production, making each series production a traceable unique item.