With serialization to protect against counterfeit cosmetics and hazardous substances


osmetic products, such as perfumes, make-up etc. are particularly attractive to counterfeiters. Due to the misuse of premium brand names, high margins can be achieved by using inferior ingredients.

For years the VKE Cosmetics Association has been fighting against product and brand piracy in the cosmetics industry. Due to the high price of high-quality original products, high profit margins can also be achieved with counterfeits, making the cosmetics industry very attractive for counterfeiters. Counterfeits with inferior or even harmful ingredients are put into circulation, which can pose a health risk for consumers. At the same time, manufacturers are having to contend with heavy losses in sales and image.

How can this be implemented?

An efficient procedure and detection of counterfeits is therefore required: counterfeit-proof serialization with SecIdent offers an excellent solution. Each serial code can be clearly assigned to a single product and provides the basis for the concept. The end-to-end process involves first and foremost a check by the customer. For verification via the Internet, only the 2D barcode containing the serial code is scanned with a smartphone.

With each verification, the manufacturer receives precise information about the product, time and place of the inspection. Pre-defined rules can trigger a corresponding alert function and provide extremely important information about gray market activities, which leads to a quick detection of unauthorized distribution channels.

With the introduction of serialization, the brand and originality claim can be documented on the one hand, and on the other hand the rapid detection of grey market activities can be ensured.