Intelligent brand protection with added value

Branded Manufacturers

Ensure the quality of the brand and create trust through unique and secure identification.

Online trade is booming. This is both a curse and a blessing for brand manufacturers. On the one hand, customer demand via the online market is constantly increasing, but on the other hand, counterfeit products are easy to circulate due to non-transparent sales structures and the anonymity of the Internet. Counterfeits that are inferior in raw materials, processing and quality also lead to a loss of brand image and reduce customer confidence. In addition, they cause serious economic damage to the manufacturer.

The figure shows how exactly an original product could be copied. On the left you can see the original product "Victorinox" and on the right a fake out of the Internet. source: Action Plagiarius e.V.

It is therefore particularly important for brand manufacturers that their products are not associated with inferior counterfeits. To achieve this, not only must the relevance of authenticity be communicated to the customer, but the originality of a product must also be easily ascertainable.

How can this be done?

With counterfeit-proof serialization, each product is equipped with a unique serial code, which can be applied to the product or product packaging in a 2D barcode, for example. A simple scan with a smartphone enables the customer to verify the product. He or she is immediately assured that the product is an original. Customer confidence and loyalty are strengthened and the manufacturers own quality standards are documented. Additional features, such as cross-selling offers can be displayed on the variable response page and open up new marketing channels. With each test, the manufacturer receives precise information about the test location, time and product. This not only allows for better production planning, but also allows gray market activities to be analyzed and prevented via an alert function.

The most important thing, the customer can easily check whether the product is really an original and trust in the quality of the brand.