What really does protect against product piracy?

It is no secret that Internet trading is bringing into circulation counterfeit medicines, watches, sporting goods, and auto parts.

Installing security features in the product or appropriate tags or labels is a first step by a manufacturer to protect against counterfeiting. However, there persists the problem that the consumer and even the authorities are usually unaware of how the genuine product must be marked. Trying to authenticate products based on logistical characteristics such as a serial number will therefore fail, because the sequence of serial numbers is transparent and can be easily imitated by the counterfeiters.

Effective protection is based on a forgery-proof feature, with which the consumer or the authorities can easily and beyond doubt identify the product as genuine. With a smartphone, this is even particularly convenient and can even be done before buying.

The solution is called SecIdent. This method is not only very affordable compared to other protective measures, but has a greater range of additional benefits for the product manufacturer. For example:

  • It provides proof of the authenticity of the manufacturer’s parts and products (authentication)
  • It allows the journey of parts and products to be tracked (track & trace)
  • It helps implement legal regulations regarding the sale of machines, components and pharmaceuticals (compliance)

This all makes SecIdent a tool that supports your company on several levels in the fight against product piracy: You signal to your customers that they have bought a safe and trusted original. In addition, you boost the subjective quality of your products and can at the same time prevent damage to your image and forestall liability events that could be caused by counterfeiting.

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