The edition for serialization in pharmaceutical companies

SecIdent Pharma

Pharma Coding System

The "European Stakeholder Model" (ESM) is supported by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Associations (EFPIA) and is based on the concept that the serial number of every prescription drug must be verified at the time of dispensing (Point-of Dispensing Verification). The technical implementation is carried out via the "European Medicines Verification System" (EMVS). The national systems and databases are then linked to this model.

SecIdent Pharma

How is SecIdent implemented?

The SecIdent® Pharma Coding System enables complex applications for serialization in pharmaceutical companies: During the development of SecIdent, the main focus was on easy integration: the web service can be connected to local systems such as ERP and SPS applications. Via the API interface, the software automatically exchanges counterfeit-proof codes with databases such as SecurPharm and EMVO (European Hub). External service providers, partners and suppliers are connected via a single serial data platform, so that data transfer via potentially unsafe media (physical, e-mail) is completely eliminated. The software has been validated and is in operation at reference customers in the pharmaceutical industry.

What are the benefits of SecIdent Pharma?

Within the framework of the EU Counterfeit Protection Directive, SecIdent® is a powerful L3 system for the creation and management of serial numbers for pharmaceutical serialization. This software for serialization is the ideal solution for medium-sized producers, contract manufacturers and parallel/reimporters. Especially medium-sized companies in the pharmaceutical industry benefit from a SaaS application, as it simplifies the data exchange between contract manufacturer and customer. Great advantages for pharmaceutical companies are the low operating costs and high scalability of the solution. The SecIdent Pharma Coding System is optimized for the diverse requirements of the pharmaceutical supply chain:

  • Configurable interfaces for data exchange with other applications and printers
  • Secure transmission of serial numbers to ACS PharmaProtect and European Hub
  • Supply chain integration e.g. to printers, inspection & image processing
  • Audit trail with event log and documentation of all processes in the system
  • Software quality: operations at the Stuttgart data center are certified according to ISO 27001

Serialization and data exchange with the verification system SecIdent® provides secure transmission of serialization data to national and international verification databases.

The right solution for different business needs

The features and versions of SecIdent are based on individual industry requirements. An upgrade is possible at any time without losing any data that has been created up to that point. The Professional and Professional Plus versions extend the range of functions.

System Properties and FunctionsBasicProfessionalProfessional PlusPharma CodingInteractInteract Plus
Fail-safe operation through high-availability webservice
Multi-language management system
High security code generation for individual serialization
Code application on the product or packaging (e.g. via laser engraving, RFID, DataMatrix, QR-Code, ff.))
Clear authentication process (authentication)
Multilevel authorization concept for the administration
Performance of contractual and lawful obligations via serialization (compliance)
Support via ITS ticket-system
Alert Function by sets of rules and incidence control
Audit group dependent response page (differentiated authentication)
Create additional external attributes for batches
Export statistics to relevant production data (market intelligence) by XML/XSD
Usage of all functions for customer loyalty with variable response pages (e.g. for product recall, lottery)
Grey market detection
Schnittstellen und Plus ModuleBasicProfessionalProfessional PlusPharma CodingInteractInteract Plus
Interface German Hub securPharm
Interface to EMVS (European Hub)
Interface to your ERP-System
Direct supply chain integration via API

● = Feature / function included in the license
○ = Feature configurable / available as Plus module