Easily configurable data exchange with all major protocols and data formats

During the development of SecIdent, a conscious effort was made to make the system as flexible as possible. This idea is also supported by the concept of workflows. A workflow describes a specific transaction for data exchange. Consequently, several workflows are linked together over an entire process. Subsequent workflows can only be executed when the previous ones have reached the required status. In this way, process reliability is ensured by adhering to the necessary sequence of workflows.

A single transaction can include one or more endpoints, with each endpoint being independently configurable in SFTP, HTTPS or file transfer. At the data content level, data formats such as Json, XML or CSV can be supported.

This concept supports a very flexible integration of own systems, such as ERP or production-related systems, but also the data exchange to external systems, such as those of production or logistics partners and official systems, such as the European hub in the pharmaceutical industry.