Easy Integration and communication

Webservices and API

Existing systems can be integrated with SecIdent in a variety of ways.

SecIdent is characterized by its flexible integration options.

Communication via API

SecIdent can be integrated existing systems via the integrated API (application programming interface). This can be a software such as a customer administration tool, an ERP system or a content management system of your own website. The API enables these systems to communicate and exchange data bidirectionally via protocols. In addition, the connection via API directly at the production line makes it possible to supply data to hardware systems such as printers, laser engraving machines or packaging machines.

Communication via file exchange

In addition to an API, SecIdent also has the option of exchanging data by file. This can be done via sFTP, for example. Files stored on the SecIdent FTP server are automatically processed, so that processes can run smoothly and without manual intervention.

Communication via the European Medicines Verification System (EMVS)

The gateway solution BrainGate supports the communication with the EMVS. The integration with SecIdent is of course given and leads to smooth processes. But an integration with other solutions is also possible.

For all integrations, the edition SecIdent® Professional Plus or the edition [SecIdent® Pharma](/en/products/product overview/secident-pharma) is required.