Variable Response Page

Free, individual and user-friendly design creates trust, strengthens customer relations and provides a unique authenticity verification.

Each time a serial code is verified, certain response pages are displayed. These can be customized in advance:

On the one hand, this includes the design of the page that is displayed during verification itself. This means that the manufacturer has free design options within the framework of HTML/CSS and Java Script. For example, external content such as images, videos or PDFs for download can also be integrated.

On the other hand, there are basically two response pages: one for successful and one for unsuccessful verification. Furthermore, a number of additional pages can be created flexibly. A set of rules, which is also defined individually, determines which of the response pages is displayed. An additional differentiating feature is the link to a audit groups. Further (background) information, for example on production or individual parts lists, can be called up and displayed. In this context, attributes should also be mentioned, which can also be displayed variably on the response page.

A further criterion for the variable response page is the language design. Each page can be written in any number of languages. Due to the verification within the worldwide supply chain, it is possible to determine the language of the response page automatically by the system from the personal browser setting. When the serial code is checked, the response is then in the correct language.

On the one hand, the variable response page offers the advantage of increasing customer relations. So in case of a recall, this can be accomplished fast and without any problems. But also a lottery can offer incentives and can be easily implemented through the flexible design. On the other hand, the alert function can also be triggered. This way, the call of a wrong serial number is saved by the system and the individually designed response page immediately leads to an alert. With the quick authorization further procedures can be implemented quickly.

The variability criteria are therefore the language, the audit group and the additional rules that control which of the pages to be individually designed are displayed.