Statistics and Analyses

Use and export valuable information and data for further analysis

Particularly in those areas where serialization with SecIdent is used for verification, very interesting and relevant data is generated for marketing purposes; this includes precise information on where certain products are currently located or which products have been verified and thus sold. In general, this is referred to as Market Intelligence. In SecIdent itself, more complex evaluations were deliberately avoided, since companies have very different requirements for their evaluations. Despite all this, fundamental statistics can be displayed in SecIdent:

Statistics within SecIdent

In order to gain an exact overview of which products were actually scanned and thus sold, SecIdent provides an exact balance of all verified products. In a geographical display, a differentiation is also made by the testing location. This information can be used for marketing in the sense of Marketing Intelligence, for example by displaying regional demand and deriving future production quantities from it.

All tests that have triggered an alarm are highlighted in color. For all these statistics additional filters can be created to generate specific information.

In SecIdent itself, on the other hand, the generation of extensive statistics was deliberately avoided, since experience teaches that the approaches with corresponding requirements differ greatly from one individual to another. Specialized systems implement such evaluations in a much better way so that it is possible to export data from SecIdent easily, especially for verification purposes.

Data export

There is a large variety of systems for comprehensive analyses that perform concrete evaluations. This also means that no uniform and clear interfaces are provided. For this reason it is possible in SecIdent to export data for example by XML or XSD, in order to be able to transfer these in suitable way into an own evaluation systems, without a direct interface being necessary for this.

In the easiest case, the verification data can be exported from SecIdent and imported into Excel. This allows you to create your own evaluations in terms of groupings, filters or selections, which produce the desired results and guarantee the required individuality. Complex multivariate analyses can be performed or simple frequency distributions can be displayed in a spreadsheet as a graph. The most important thing remains: the data can be evaluated highly individually according to your own standards and needs.