Exchange data contents with other systems


Seamless and flexible integration into business processes and systems

SecIdent® can be connected to a wide range of data formats and is able to communicate with different systems due to its slim and modular structure. This architecture offers enormous flexibility and provides a wide range of integration options. For individual company processes, the individual systems can be flexibly combined as with a modular principle.

Prozessdarstellung Serialdaten Levelperspektive

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) (Level 1&2)

All attributes, such as production date, expiry date, batch number, and more, can be transferred directly to SecIdent, enabling seamless integration with production-related systems (Level 2 and 1). This makes the print data directly available in the production line. After successful printing, a balance sheet is drawn up so that the serial data used is uniformly documented in all systems.

ERP (Level 4)

The connection to the existing ERP solution is easy due to interface communication: SecIdent also offers the possibility to work together with large ERP systems such as SAP. When a production order is created in the ERP system, all order-specific data, such as production date, GTIN or batch number, can be created automatically via the link in SecIdent. The data exchange at this point takes place via a variety of formats, e.g. CSV, JSON or XML. SecIdent then provides all counterfeit-proof serial data specific to the production order and can transfer it to Level 2 or 1 systems. In this way, the required serial numbers are directly available in production.

EPCIS (Level 5)

The GS1 format EPCIS can be considered a global standard in the field of Track and Trace. SecIdent® supports this format both in the form defined by GS1 and various extensions used by data exchange systems in the pharmaceutical industry.