More security for leaner processes through user authorization

All functions of SecIdent as a SaaS application can be managed by the user himself. There is a corresponding authorization concept for access to the administration level.

The authorization concept of SecIdent is based on the fact that the administration of users and their rights are strictly separated from the actual application. This means that there is an administration area whose sole and exclusive task is the administration of the users and their respective rights. The special thing about this is that the administration area is also managed by the customer himself. Thus, he has control over which users he creates and which rights they have. Important to mention in this context are technical users, which are used for the API connections (application programming interface). Separate rights can be assigned for the integration of machines and ERP systems. These rights are only available to technical users, so that manipulations in connection with API functions are not possible in any way.

Through a differentiated authorization concept, it is thus possible to transfer the individual steps in the system in a meaningful way to different function holders within the company or to external service providers. In times of digitalization, in which processes are digitally supported in their entirety, process security is particularly important. SecIdent supports precisely this idea by ensuring that each user can only perform the tasks assigned to him or her through rights management.

This concept plays a special role when the customer's processes must be validated for regulatory requirements or compliance reasons.