Fake or real?


How do customers recognize that a purchased product is an original? By the appearance of the seller? By the visually appealing original packaging? By the quality of the product?

In times of global markets, the authenticity of a product and thus ultimately the value of a brand is no longer that easy to determine. Counterfeiters have always been very creative with security mechanisms and even today they manage to circumvent the most sophisticated systems.

SecIdent offers a solution that is as simple as it is convenient to protect products and their brand: a 16-digit alphanumeric code that cannot be guessed - with 32¹⁶ possible combinations of characters. It would take around two billion years to guess the first code in an interval of one second.

But applying the codes alone would not be a comprehensive solution. Therefore the code can be checked for authenticity with a simple scan via the SecIdent system. Counterfeits have no chance here, only genuine codes can be verified. This double security means transparency in all verification processes. Based on the number of verifications, the manufacturer and his customers can easily check whether counterfeit products are in circulation.

More importantly, each individual customer is able to check the product independently. No special reading devices or technical tools are necessary. Entering or scanning the serial number with a smartphone is sufficient for the check, which is carried out quickly and easily via the Internet and provides a response page.

Counterfeiters, who are able to copy the serial number or come up with their own serial numbers, are thus effectively put down: calling up a wrong serial number is stored by the system and can lead to a special response page as a result or an alarm.

SecIdent strengthens customer confidence and offers inimitable protection for product and brand. Individual product serialization as a measure for product and brand protection is the topic in industrial production. In the future, each serial production will become a traceable individual item.