Audit Groups

Independent test results and evaluations thanks to different audit groups.

Targeted evaluations of the results from different test groups are extremely useful. All tests can thus be divided into individual groups based on definable characteristics and their results can be viewed independently of each other. In the easiest case, end customers are the only audit group in the system. They verify the products by entering or scanning the code. The system also supports the setting up of additional audit groups, depending on the application, e.g. internal warehouse logistics, authorities and transport companies. Each verification group has its own verification counter, which, for example, triggers a predefined alert if configured accordingly. But not only that, for each group a separate response page can be displayed for a test. This way a batch of products is checked for authenticity at customs. The customs officers see special details of the delivery on the response page as a separate verification group, e.g. place of manufacture, goods route or verification. The customs officers' scans remain traceable in the system at all times and can be evaluated separately in the statistics.

In a fictitious and exemplary use case, each serial code may only be checked once by the consumer group. A check of the code of another group, such as the customs group, is not included in the statistics of the consumers. If the code is checked first by customs authorities and then by a consumer, the consumer's review in the consumer's audit group is considered to be unique and valid.