Configurable warning message

Alert Function

A comprehensive control and alarm system to manage system events

Use the advantages of the hidden alert function with SecIdent®

To take full advantage of the Software System SecIdent, rules and event controls can define an alert. Thus, notifications can be defined based on attributes. In doing so, conspicuous activities are reported via the system or a mobile device (e.g. by email or SMS).

alert fuction

The design of the alert function is freely definable, e.g. the following functions can be integrated:

Geo-localization/gray market

In the course of geo-localization, external attributes are used to define rules and event controls for behavioral control that define the target market of products. The end-to-end process is a particularly efficient solution for determining where products have actually found their way into sales, because the customers themselves perform the checks and thus deliver accurate, fast and comprehensive results. The distribution channels are always kept in view and gray market activities are identified at an early stage. Every test or authentication outside the target market triggers a notification with position information for the manufacturer via the defined rules - unnoticed by the end customer.

Prevent cloning

The primary goal of serialization is to ensure the authenticity of products, using unique and forgery-proof serial codes. Although neither the mechanism for generating the serial codes nor the serial codes themselves can be deciphered (for more information on the security of serial codes, see here, counterfeiters would theoretically be able to purchase an original product and then reproduce the serial code obtained. However, through defined rules and event controls, an exact number of valid results can be determined. Thus, only the defined number of tests with the same serial code is considered valid. Additional checks suggest the suspicion that serial codes have been copied and an alert is triggered (more here. Especially intelligent in this context is the possibility to define different audit groups with own evaluations. In case of frequent verification of the same serial number, a notification is sent to the manufacturer with the acceptance of a product counterfeit - unnoticed by the end customer