Compliant and global serialization with SecIdent


Compliance means the conformity with defined rules and standards by a company, or in this case a system application in relation to a legal set of rules and regulations. These rules achieve holistic process security. In the context of serialization, legal regulations and requirements in data management apply worldwide.

The system SecIdent® covers all compliance requirements for serialization and helps companies meet new or existing regulatory standards resulting from changes in national and supranational legislation.

One example is the introduction of individualized serialization in the pharmaceutical industry within the framework of 2011/62/EU. Included here are data transfer to and from databases (securPharm, EU-Hub), data security, as well as the security requirements of serialization.

Outside the pharmaceutical industry, other industries also require for compliance reasons a counterfeit-proof serialization, the generation and assignment of unique and counterfeit-proof serial codes. Other examples include the automotive and aerospace industries. With the numerous interfaces, SecIdent not only delivers serial codes in terms of compliance requirements, but also supports processes and workflows that enable data exchange and documentation.