Availability 24/7

The server architecture and modern data centers guarantee reliability and performance of the highest standard

High availability refers to two essential aspects: the server infrastructure and the data center.

In order to guarantee fail-safety on the server side, application and database servers are redundant and designed with automatic monitoring that allows errors to be detected immediately. This means that the servers are always available in parallel. This redundancy on the application and database servers is also equipped with an automatic failover so that uninterrupted operation can be guaranteed at all times. This structure also allows maintenance work to be carried out immediately, without affecting availability in any way. There has been no downtime or shutdowns since SecIdent began operations. The architecture of the web application firewall supports the idea of security and high availability and represents the highest possible standard against cybercrime.

The SecIdent servers are located in German data centers with correspondingly high standards. Uninterruptible power supply, fail-safe and redundant Internet connection, access controls and fire protection are thus ensured at all times. A risk analysis according to ISO27001 is carried out for organizational security, which checks whether all aspects of fail-safety are mapped accordingly.