Seamless IT infrastructures with BrainSecure

Safety-relevant products and services for business customers analyze each and every weak spot

BrainSecure ensures that your corporate data remains confidential, consistent and complete, because this means that your IT infrastructure is immune to both internal and external threats at all times.

The BrainSecure service package includes the regular (e.g. monthly) inspection of all corporate IT equipment and platforms for possible security holes.

The result of this inspection is that not only are weak spots identified, but specific recommendations for resolving the problem are also provided. This report is delivered as an html-document, which, due to the numerous www-links, makes it very efficient for the administrator to implement the specific solutions directly or to access specific background information.

A summarized report for management allows for a speedy evaluation of the current security status as well as any changes to it (e.g. also for the documentation of process security in accordance with Basel II).


While other equally necessary security elements such as Firewall, IDS systems and anti-virus solutions only react to current external threats, BrainSecure also enables you to proactively protect against damage that could be caused by both internal and external attacks on your system’s  operability, e.g. through denial of service, data theft, data manipulation, vandalism, viruses, etc.

With BrainSecure, the customer is able to make use of an extensive wealth of expert knowledge at excellent value for money, and to recover the investment with a considerably more efficient system administration.

Don’t give weak spots a chance

Especially not where your corporate IT is concerned.

With Brainority GmbH, you can place your trust in a reliable partner where system security is concerned.