SecIdent is the versatile software solution for custom serialization

The SecIdent system creates a guaranteed unique, tamper-proof code for each copy of a product, which ensures brand protection and individual assessment.

This security code can be applied in various ways to the product or its packaging and can be unequivocally verified by the end user without any special equipment. The code can be applied directly on the product by inkjet or laser engraving, for example. A version that is particularly convenient for the consumer is printing as a 2D barcode or QR-code, which allows the purchaser to then easily and directly verify the authenticity of the product with his mobile phone at the ‚point of sale‘.

This security code can be made even more ‘intelligent’ by a manufacturer that uses SecIdent to protect its products by assigning features/attributes to the codes through the system. This gives rise to many additional applications beyond merely authentication. Product recalls, for example, or even prize draws can be implemented through it.



Other interesting features of SecIdent are a gray market and goods-flow analysis. All end customer product tests are associated with the location via a geodatabase in SecIdent and allow both an analysis and a rules-driven alarm function, which automatically notifies the product manufacturer when its product appears in a market that it has not made it available in.

Our partnership with leading labeling manufacturers allows us to offer a system from a single source. The assessable security codes can be freely attached directly on the product, on the packaging, or as a label.

Market Intelligence: Lifestyle & Sports

A sporting goods manufacturer brings a number of sneaker models to market each year. As every year, the production department cannot be sure which models and variants will appeal most to the customers. For that reason, a large part of the goods must be sold later as special offers or at a low price.

To solve this problem, the manufacturer can opt to serialize its products using SecIdent. It will now be able to track which models are selling really well during the current season – and decide at the right time to produce more of those models. The customers love it too – because they get exactly the styles that they want!

How it works

Using flexible Web services, SecIdent can also be linked up to your IT infrastructure

Via a Web interface, a SecIdent customer manages the security codes, their validity and the associated attributes that he needs. To do this requires only an up-to-date browser, Internet access and corresponding data access; no software has to be installed.

Using an encrypted connection gives maximum security.

The interface is multilingual, which allows each user to independently choose the language he prefers.

The security codes, which are created and managed by the user with SecIdent, are not stored in the system in this process. On the one hand, this provides for additional security and, on the other hand, allows a very large number of security codes to be managed.

SecIdent fits into the customer’s organization through a graded authorization concept. The clear separation of tasks that this makes possible is an additional security factor.

The customer can assign arbitrary attributes to the codes via the Web interface, allowing it to influence how the system behaves during the testing of codes and during evaluations. Such attributes could be, for example, the batch number or the target market for a product. By defining appropriate rules, the response generated when assessing a code can now be determined individually. Here, the answer depends on the language of the device with which the test is carried out.

With SecIdent, each customer can freely design the responses of the system for itself, allowing its corporate identity to be fully respected. Furthermore, each customer can easily integrate the checking function of SecIdent into its company Web site, and so not only match the response of the system to its design but enable the testing to be done directly from its own online presence. The same applies to the integration into industry portals. SecIdent can work fully in the background here.

The SecIdent security codes can be integrated into other numbering systems. In particular, SecIdent complies with standards such as the GTIN number of the GS1.

With the Falsified Medicines Directive of 2011, the European Parliament laid the foundation for combating the growing counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products. Deploying SecIdent, the manufacturers of these products can not only meet the requirements of this directive immediately, but can implement a much more effective protection against counterfeiting than the directive, with its minimum requirements, prescribes.

In the automotive industry, spare parts in particular are increasingly being counterfeited. This is not only costly financially, but can create liability and warranty events for the manufacturer from parts that it did not even produce.

Chemical products are protected with SecIdent security codes on the packaging. Used in connection with labels that have anti-tampering protection, the authenticity can be determined unequivocally.

Brand items are protected in a similar way. With a suitable product, such as sporting goods, the security code can also be affixed directly to the product. When the goods are imported, Customs can detect counterfeit products beyond any doubt.

Authorities place SecIdent security codes, for example, on vignettes (road tax discs) and revenue stamps. Through an appropriate setting of the rules in the SecIdent system, a code can also be valid for only a single test, allowing you easily to identify whether a code has already been ‘used up’.

SecIdent: Brand protection with added value

A software suite for the individual serialization of your products using guaranteed unique codes is also offered with SecIdent. This helps manufacturers protect their products and brand from counterfeiting and at the same time obtains valuable information on markets and customers.