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Website security

Corporate websites are often targets for hacker attacks. This not only results in damage to the public image when websites are manipulated, but the attacker often takes control of the servers to misuse them as a spring board for criminal activities. Brainority uses professional tools and methods to inspect websites and applications, and identifies weak spots before a website becomes productive.

Security gateways

Brainority offers its customers advice and support when installing Sonicwall, Fortinet and Cisco security gateways. With such solutions, threats can already be averted at the interface between the Internet and the corporate network.

Anti-virus and email security

Our anti-virus and email security solutions include components to ward off spam and viruses, and intelligent functions to make the use of email more efficient. These solutions are based on the products of globally leading manufacturers.

Opt for the complete solution

Especially if you’re not sure where the threat is coming from.
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