About us

Company Profile

Our company offers individual, sustainable and practical solution strategies in security-relevant IT processes with a focus on brand protection and counterfeit protection.

In the course of digitalization, the IT infrastructure is increasingly becoming the central and indispensable basis for the processes of every company. The issue of security plays a decisive role here. Only if availability, confidentiality and integrity of company data are guaranteed, a company can survive in competition. With our SecIdent® system, we offer an effective way of protecting our customers' products against imitations. We have a versatile setup, so that our system can be used not only in the pharmaceutical industry, Pharma Reimport, Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (MAH), Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturer (CMO) but also in following industries: Sports and Fashion, Technical Products and Devices, Automotive, Consumables, Cosmetics, Branded Manufacturers as well as in Agriculture and Chemistry. With our company name we like to express that we develop innovative solutions with passion as well as with intelligence and creativity. The combination of the terms "BRAIN" and "IT" should reflect this.

Our principles

  • Fairness, trust and courage, but also eyes for what is feasible, are central values for our corporate activities.
  • Economic independence therefore remains the indispensable prerequisite for us.
  • Self-reliant growth is the key to this.

Our goals

  • We strive for continuous growth in order to develop the company in the interest of all parties involved.
  • We achieve a return on sales that enables us to bear investments in the future from our own resources.

Our employees

We stand for job security and fair payment. We support our employees through individual training. We provide intellectual freedom and scope for creativity and see criticism as an opportunity. We treat each other with mutual respect and together we protect our intellectual and material property.

Our management style

Our managers convey our values through their daily activities. It is a matter of course for us that they show initiative, openness and self-confidence. The ability to lead is based on personal and professional competence. Leadership also means setting impulses for innovation. Our managers include employees in decision-making processes. Communication between managers and employees is characterized by politeness, respect and trust. The behavior of our managers has to be exemplary.


As a technology company, the trust of our business partners, our employees and the public is important to us. This trust depends crucially on the behavior of each individual employee. Our guiding principle is to comply with legal regulations as well as self-imposed ethical standards and requirements.


To document our quality standards and to give our business partners and customers a basis of trust, we are certified according to ISO/IEC27001. This is an expression of the fact that we take our responsibility for our customers' data and processes very seriously and do everything possible to protect them. We regularly evaluate and document the quality of our work. To this end, we define measurable quality characteristics and objectively check compliance with them.

Own responsibility

Everyone in the company takes responsibility for the quality of their results. This applies to employees as well as to partners. We support each other and convince together.

On schedule

We keep what we promise. Therefore we plan dates realistically. If there are important reasons for being postponed, we inform our partners on time and we keep our deadline.


The topic of IT security is extremely complex and multi-layered, therefore it requires exceptional competence. In addition to technical knowledge, legal issues, knowledge of management methods and compliance requirements often play a major role. If a project requires specializations that we cannot cover ourselves, we have been working with the appropriate specialists for many years through our network.

Continuous improvement

BRAINORITY likes to support the ideas of its employees. And it is not only about major projects. What matters is continuous improvement throughout the company. For this reason, every employee identifies potential for improvement and looks for solutions. If a solution results in a measurable improvement, we make it the new standard. Plan, Do, Check, Act.