Create distinctive products

For each copy of a product, the SecIdent system creates a guaranteed unique, tamper-proof code that is similar to an electronic fingerprint.

Solutions for your IT-security

BrainSecure ensures that your company data remain confidential, available and that they preserve their integrity. That, after all, is what keeps your IT infrastructure always immune against both internal and external risks.

Brainority GmbH is a company with a great deal of experience in the IT security and consulting sectors. We put the focus of our work on designing and implementing comprehensive security and serialization solutions to protect brands from product piracy.

For this purpose, we offer our customers a highly secure in-house server infrastructure and, through the SecIdent SaaS application, comprehensive access and integration into existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as SAP. Our special focus is on the pharmaceutical and automotive industries, but we also work with manufacturers of luxury goods and other industries.

Protection against product piracy

SecIdent is the intelligent solution for brand protection and enables your product data to be collected on the market. At the same time, the consumer, as well as Customs authorities, for example, can verify beyond any doubt the authenticity of a product without using any special equipment. This allows SecIdent to offer manufacturers the use of projected production planning information.

Falsified Medicines Directive

With the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) of 2011, the European Parliament laid the foundation for combating the growing counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products.

Products for your IT-security

With BrainSecure, we offer a package of services with which a regular assessment of vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure is carried out. These services help our consultants gain an overview of the individual standards within the company. They also ensure that the requirements for the data security standards of credit card companies (PCI-DSS) are met.